Active Asset Allocation Robo Allocator

We chose to work hand in hand with banking groups and insurers to allow financial advisors to get a leg up dealing with increasingly changing and important requests by their French investors.

Rafa solutions Rafa Robo Allocator For Advisors - Gestion par objectifs

Management by Objectives

For Active Asset Allocation, the only effective response is to know the objectives and constraints of a customer, help verify the feasibility of their project and implement allocation and investment strategy to achieve financial goals. Here is the list of goals that we can manage in a customized way for each client :

‣  Retirement income
‣  Children’s Education
‣  Finance a major purchase (like a house) or projects
‣  Build capital

Unlike other platforms, we are able to accept and arbitrate between all these objectives to offer a truly customized allocation.

More than just ETFs

Since 2010, we work on behalf of institutional clients, including monitoring the funds of funds.

We have developed expertise in asset allocation of all types and are able to integrate them into our RAFA accordingly, including open-end funds, provided they are not flexible funds.

Our allocation work allows the advisor or manager to provide the best options to offer clients to build their portfolios.

solutions Rafa Robo Allocator For Advisors - more than just ETFs

Allocation Approach

An in-house, patended approach based on maintaining a certain level of acceptable maximum loss. Since 2010, AAA has advised more that a billion euros with a proven track records.

Ability to make individualized allocation engines for each investor:

One specific customer allocation for each client.

Models are calibrated in a stochastic environment to ensure having an appropriate response to the most complex market situations.

Explicit control of the risk of maximum loss to a predefined level.

Integrating views of advisors / Managers

In a distribution approach, there is often a management story to tell to the clients. These views, often macro-economic, therefore are necessary to be incorporated in the porfolio management offered to customers.

Our models are the only ones allowing this integration: they will be modified by the assessment of the fund manager for each asset classe, while preserving the budget dur defined risk.

RAFA Business Model

Business model

B2B2B2C : our client is the institutional, not the advisor nor the end customer.

Plateform composed of several modules .

FREE for distribution

  • Sales tools to support the advisor
  • Profiling with simulator to determine the risk level and the best parameters of the saving project
  • Tracking tool and Project Steering – for the end customer
  • Compare Euro Funds versus UC

INVOICED to institutional

  • Asset Allocation

Customization by our digital team.
Complete support from Active Asset Allocation experts.
Training through workshops and case studies.

Track Record Management

We prudently follow the pattern of returns risk, maximum loss, CALMAR ratio and volatility. Past performance does not guarantee future success.

Rendement annualisé
Maximum Drawdown