the Robo Allocator for Advisors

RAFA Robo Allocator For Advisors relation avec l’épargnant

Always at your best

Allows you to focus on your strong point, your relationship with the investor!

RAFA is your support to define and simulate the investor’s saving goals, to guide the impact of their choices while determining their chances of success, allowing the investor feel their saving’s choices.

At every moment!

Each client becomes a (finally!) VIP

With RAFA, you offer bespoke portfolios tailored to client’s life plans and risk appetite.

These portfolios are flexible and adapt to market conditions to maximize the chances of success.

RAFA Robo Allocator For Advisors bespoke portfolio
RAFA Robo Allocator Euros Funds vs UC

Is there life without Euro Funds (or partially) ?

Yields on Euro Funds are plummeting and access has become more and more limited. RAFA focuses less on European Funds and more on international markets.

What does this mean for the investor ? More efficiency in the long term with higher risk control.

Ensuring Compliance and being proud of it

Complying with ever changing and increasing regulations is not easy! RAFA is a profiling tool which also reports and archives the advice given to investors.

RAFA Robo Allocator complying with regulations